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Why Black Men Quit Teaching (NYTimes)

Assaults Against Muslims in US Surpass 2001 Level

To Every White ‘Ally’ Who Has Racist Friends (HuffPo Black Voices)

Hollywood Inequality is ‘Entrenched’ Study Suggests (BBC)

How God as Trinity Dissolves Racism (Sojourners)

Why Prisoners Nationwide are Striking

Preserving My Children’s Innocence is an Act of Preserving White Supremacy (HuffPo)

The Disturbing Reason Why We Don’t Believe Young, Black Women are Really Doctors (Washington Post)


An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China (NY Times)

How to Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective (Transformative Spaces)

Now is the Time to Talk About What We Are Really Talking About (New Yorker)

How Bainbridge Island Japanese Were Registered, Forced From Their Homes During WWII (Seattle Times)

A Look Back at the Executive Order that Cleared the Way for Internment (NBC News)

9 Influential Women in Black History You Won’t Hear About In School (Mic)


4.1 Miles (NY Times Docs)

3 Historical Native American Women You Might Not Know, But Should (Indian Country Today)

Delores Huerta (

Peanut Butter, Jelly & Racism (NY Times Docs)

The Wage Gap, State by State (NWLC)

Interrupting Whiteness with My White Family (Blog)


‘Model Minority’ Myth Again Used as a Racial Wedge Between Asians and Blacks (NPR)

A World of Gender Equality (NPR)

Black Pain and Korean Empathy (Inheritance Magazine)

Heineken: Worlds Apart #OpenYourWorld (Heineken)

Brief but Spectacular (PBS)

To Understand White Liberal Racism, Read These Private Emails

A Priest’s Confession: I am a Racist

Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow: A Tale of Two Christians on Their Knees

Police Introduce ‘Restraining Bags’ in Escalation of War Against the Mentally Ill (Waking Times)

10 Everyday Ways Charlottseville and White Supremacy Are Allowed to Still Happen

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