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Roadmap to Reconciliation FAQ

Q: What is the IGuide?

A: The Roadmap to Reconciliation Implementation Guide (IGuide) is a 6- to 12-month program designed to be used alongside “Roadmap to Reconciliation” by Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. This one-of-a-kind strategic process empowers ministry leaders to effectively implement reconciliation principles and practices in their ministry context. It is an online resource that is contextual and practical for ministries that are ready to intentionally create a culture of reconciliation that leads to systemic change.

Q: What is included in the IGuide and how is it structured?

A: The IGuide includes the complete PDF workbook all seven IGuide Phases, video and PowerPoint content to supplement all seven IGuide Phases, as well as a Salter McNeil & Associates consultant to help launch the IGuide process and provide technical support if needed. It is structured in seven (7) phases (called IPhases) that can be contextualized for your ministry under the guidance of your Leadership Team (LTeam). It is recommended that your LTeam commit to meet once per month for a couple of hours, and then plan time to complete prep work before and after each monthly meeting.

Q: What is a Leadership Team (LTeam), who should be on it, and how is it organized?

A: The IGuide is designed to be used by an internal leadership team that guides the reconciliation process. Together they strategically discern and determine how to customize the process to enable reconciliation to become a reality within your ministry. One or two people should be appointed to lead the LTeam, who have some experience in working with diversity. Ideally, this team should consist of approximately 8-12 people, who have demonstrated a commitment to reconciliation and represent various aspects and demographics of your ministry.


Q: If we are mostly a white church or ministry, do we need people of color involved in order to engage in this process?

A: Preferably it would be best to have a diverse group of people working through this process together. However, the IGuide is VERY effective for mostly white leadership groups because it helps you to unpack the vital work that white people must do to effectively engage in the work of reconciliation. If you do not currently have many relationships with communities of color, the IGuide will deepen your awareness and enable you to create space to healthily engage with people of color and equip you to better use your voice and influence to dismantle racial injustice.


Q: Once we sign up, who is our contact person during this process?

A: The IGuide purchase includes consultation and support from a member of Salter McNeil & Associates. You will receive contact information in your purchase confirmation email. 


Q: How do I know if my church or ministry organization is ready to begin the Roadmap to Reconciliation Implementation Guide (IGuide) process?
A: We’ve created a brief Readiness Self-Assessment Survey to help you determine if your ministry organization is ready to begin this journey. You can find this assessment HERE.


Q: Can we specifically request Dr. Brenda to be our consultant or visit our ministry?

A: No. Salter McNeil & Associates reserves the right to select the best consultant that is most appropriate for each ministry context. You can be assured that we work hard to ensure that each consultant brings a high degree of expertise and relevant experience to best serve your ministry. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil may not be available to consult or be a part of your the IGuide process. However, if you’re interested in having Dr. Brenda for a special event to enhance your reconciliation process, you can contact her Executive Assistant by submitting a Speaker Request Form on our website at



Q: Can we see a sample of the lesson/what is in each lesson?

A: There is a SAMPLE lesson of Phase1 posted on our website, along with the IGuide Introduction. You can find this sample HERE


Q: Has the IGuide been tested and proven to be effective?

A: Yes! The IGuide has been tested in a variety of churches across North America. After nine months of beta testing and refining this process, the Roadmap to Reconciliation IGuide has been endorsed by pastors and ministry leaders as an effective tool to equip reconcilers to be successful in their ministry context.


Q: What are some ministry leaders saying about the Roadmap to Reconciliation IGuide?

A: The following quote is an example of the feedback we’ve received from ministry leaders that have participated in the IGuide process: “Roadmap to Reconciliation is the fruit of over three decades of lived experience, as well as from the practiced implementation by dozens of like-minded organizations. If your group is looking to undertake a journey to more deeply and authentically engage with reconciliation, this is the curriculum you should use.” Daniel Hill, Senior Pastor, River City Community Church, Chicago, IL

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